MX Partnership - CherryMX

„We want to deliver premium quality - that's why CHERRY MX is the first choice!“ This is Asus's statement on its longstanding collaboration with CHERRY MX. The result of this partnership is a wireless keyboard with compact layout for pro gamers: the ROG Falchion with MX Red switches. For quite some time now, the Minecraft-expert and well-known streamer BastiGHG also been using Asus ROG peripherals!

Consistency, creativity and skills; that is what BastiGHG is known for in its daily streams. Since the right skills also require the right tools, he relies on the ROG Falchion with its CHERRY MX switches. 

About BastiGHG

Since the beginning of 2016, BastiGHG has been live streaming on Twitch every single day and uploading additional content to YouTube and his social media channels. This consistency, his creative urge and of course his character are the building blocks of his success. So it is no surprise that BastiGHG is one of the most successful German-language streamers on Twitch today. 


BastiGHG's Gear


With the ROG Falchion, ASUS not only offers the first wireless keyboard, but also the first ROG model in a compact 65% form factor. The minimalist design offers all the functionality a high-end gaming keyboard needs thanks to the innovative two-way cover, while promising plenty of space for precise mouse movements. Even the left side of the keyboard frame is creatively used for another input method. By the brand-new touch-sensitive touch bar placed there, the volume can be intuitively regulated, macros activated or other individually assignable functions triggered by swiping or tapping. In addition, current functions and the battery's charge status can be read on the LEDs. By the way, its battery life is supposed to last up to 450 hours - without RGB lighting.

While the accompanying program Armoury Crate allows configuring the touch bar and programming macros in addition to the alternative lighting effects, synchronization with other ASUS ROG components can be performed using Aura Sync, which is also available wirelessly for the first time. 

At the heart of the keyboard are the CHERRY MX RGB switches. Every MX switch has its own characteristic, every character feels different. To enable a versatile selection according to individual preferences, the ROG Falchion is available with four different MX switches: MX Red, MX Brown, MX Blue and MX Speed Silver. BastiGHG opts for the Red version because its characteristics harmonise best with his way of playing games. These key switches are triggered after 2.0 millimeters, feature linear characteristics, and require an actuating force of 45 centinewtons.


The ROG Chakram Core is a wired gaming mouse with 16,000 DPI and 1,000Hz sampling rate, as well as a programmable detachable joystick that provides superior control directly from your thumb. With exclusive Push-Fit switch bases that allow you to easily change the switches on the two main buttons, adjustable weight, and a unique DPI-On-The-Scroll feature to adjust mouse sensitivity, the Chakram Core gives you everything you need.