#MKBD2021: Mechanical Keyboard Day

CHERRY MX celebrates "Mechanical Keyboard Day" (#mkbd) for the third year in a row. This theme day celebrates the growing success of mechanical key switches in the gaming and e-sports segment. 

CHERRY MX key switches: the basis for high-end keyboards

CHERRY introduced the first mechanical switch in 1983, laying the foundation for a future-oriented way of key input. Thanks to its high quality, durability and typing feel, this technology was able to establish itself and is now found primarily in high-quality keyboards for gamers and e-sports enthusiasts. Due to the large range of switch variants and their different characteristics, everyone can find his preference. CHERRY MX is constantly developing this technology and not only improves the specifications, but also adapts the individual switch types to the latest requirements of customers and users.  

#MKBD 2021: Elementary theme day for gamers and enthusiasts

Thanks to the special properties of CHERRY MX switches, hardly any modern player can do without a mechanical keyboard. In online battles gamers benefit from responsive and precise input, which could make the difference between victory and defeat, especially in hectic situations. But (DIY-)enthusiasts also love the modular design of mechanical keyboards, because they allow for individual and customized solutions. "Mechanical Keyboard Day" is therefore considered an elementary theme day for gamers, enthusiasts and fans of mechanical keyboards and switches. 

Weekly competitions with the MX partners

CHERRY MX celebrates the "Mechanical Keyboard Day" again in 2020 with well-known partners and organises numerous competitions. Every week on this site, there will be a chance to win high-quality, first-class mechanical keyboards with CHERRY MX from Thermaltake, Corsair, Ducky, HP OMEN, Alienware, Mountain, Asus, IKBC, Mistel, Filco, XPG, CHERRY and Aorus.

Giveaway - Week 7

Together with MISTEL we are giving away the following this week:



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Prizes change every week! Check back regularly to make sure you don't miss your chance to win!