#MKBD: Mechanical Keyboard Day

CHERRY MX has established May 10th as "Mechanical Keyboard Day" (#mkbd). With this new theme day, the respected manufacturer from Auerbach celebrates the triumphant rise of mechanical key switches, which are especially popular in gaming and eSports.

Homage to mechanical key switches

In 1983, CHERRY introduced the first mechanical switch. Thanks to a guaranteed long lifespan of more than 50 million actuations without loss of quality and a pleasant typing feel due to different switching characteristics, this technology was able to establish itself mainly in the office segment. High-quality keyboards from that era, which have now become true classics, all feature mechanical switches from CHERRY.

Exactly ten years ago, MX technology experienced a renaissance based on its success and increased customer demand in the gaming market, and became a significant competitor to cheaper key technologies such as rubber dome switches.

Fundamental theme day for gamers and enthusiasts

Hardly any modern PC gamer since grew up without a mechanical keyboard, because the features at that time - as well as today - brought huge advantages. Gamers benefit from the responsive and accurate input in online matches, which makes the difference between victory and defeat in hectic situations. Meanwhile, (DIY) enthusiasts love the modular design of mechanical keyboards because it allows them to implement individual and tailor-made solutions. Mechanical Keyboard Day is therefore considered a fundamental theme day for gamers, enthusiasts, and fans of mechanical keyboards and switches.

Weekly competitions with partners

CHERRY MX and its renowned partners will celebrate Mechanical Keyboard Day with numerous competitions. Every week there's a chance at winning first-class, high-quality mechanical keyboards.


Together with CHERRY we are giving away five top keyboards this week. There are these prizes to win:


The CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT is a mechanical keyboard with a very attractive price point. The combination of high-precision CHERRY MX switches in different variants and high-performance HighSpeed key recognition creates an uncompromising keyboard for avid writers. Furthermore, The MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT features abrasion-resistant keycaps, anti-ghosting, and full N-key rollover.

  • Corded keyboard with CHERRY MX switches and palm rest
  • CHERRY MX technology – Gold Crosspoint precision switch for all keys “Made in Germany”
  • Uncompromisingly fast due to CHERRY MX and high-speed key recognition
  • Abrasion-resistant, laser-etched key caps
  • Full n-key rollover – all keys are read simultaneously
  • Anti-ghosting – no input errors
  • WIN key lockout
  • Dimmable, white key illumination
  • Additional mounting feet for non-slip grip and custom height adjustment in 3 steps
  • Illuminated USB plug and elegant logo application 

Every week the prices change! Check back regularly to avoid losing your chance of winning!

  • Week 1: Amazing keyboards from CORSAIR (over)
  • Week 2: Amazing keyboards from HYPERX (over)
  • Week 3: Amazing keyboards from ASUS ROG (over)
  • Week 4: Amazing keyboards from FNATIC GEAR (over)
  • Week 5: Amazing keyboards from DUCKY (over)
  • Week 6: Amazing keyboards from CHERRY (over)
  • Week 7: Amazing keyboards from COOLER MASTER (over)
  • Week 8: Amazing keyboards from CORSAIR (over)
  • Week 9: Amazing keyboards from HYPERX (over)
  • Week 10: Amazing keyboards from FNATIC GEAR (over)
  • Week 11: Amazing keyboards from CHERRY (running) 


You participate in the raffle by completing one or more tasks in the widget below - the more you complete, the higher your chance to win!