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With the SUMMONER, XPG (a subsidiary brand of ADATA, specializing in gaming hardware) has delivered a versatile gaming keyboard with a number of premium features in the mid-range price range. Aesthetically, the magnetic palm rest and the volume control immediately stand out. But the keyboard also boasts attractive internal features, like USB pass-through and CHERRY MX switches. In this blog post, we'll show you what features this mechanical keyboard has to offer.


  • Keyboard layout: Standard
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Macro Keys: All keys
  • Response Rate: <1ms
  • Matrix: 100% Anti-Ghosting with N-Key Rollover
  • Software: XPG PRIME
  • Integrated Memory: Yes
  • Media Keys: Volume roller and mute button
  • Palm Rest: Magnetically removable palm rest
  • Dimensions: 449 mm x 135 mm x 44 mm
  • Weight: 951 gram (palm rest: 191 gram)
  • Additional features: double-shot key caps; additional FPS-/MOBA-key caps


With its magnetic palm rest and high-quality volume roller, the XPG SUMMONER demonstrates that its claim extends beyond the gaming mid-range. The additional red key caps and the chic RGB lighting complete its looks. While their ambitions were limited by the lack of software support at launch time, XPG has since rectified this situation. It is now possible to make extensive RGB and macro adjustments in the XPG PRIME application. In combination with reliable CHERRY MX switches this keyboard has become a real insider tip - especially in view of its reduced price.


The XPG SUMMONER features matt black keys in full-size layout mounted on a grey frame made of sandblasted aluminium. In the upper right corner you will find a volume roller, status indicators and a mute button. If you let your gaze wander further over the keyboard, you will notice the freestanding keys, which highlight the RGB lighting particularly well. XPG added retractable feet on the backside of the keyboard for an ergonomic typing position.


Among the features of the XPG SUMMONER, the magnetically removable palm rest stands out. Normally reserved for much more expensive models, this palm rest provides a pleasant relief for the wrist joints. Equally eye-catching is the high-quality aluminum volume roller, which allows intuitive and quick volume adjustment. Additional media keys are double-assigned to the F-keys and there is a dedicated mute key next to the volume roller. A USB pass-through port is available on the rear and can be used to connect optional peripherals such as a mouse. In line with its gaming positioning, XPG has included nine additional red key caps for MOBA and FPS games in the box. All key caps provide long-lasting service through double-shot production. As you would expect from a high-quality gaming keyboard, numerous simultaneous keystrokes are also no problem thanks to N-Key Rollover and 100% Anti-Ghosting.


The XPG SUMMONER features individual illumination of all keys in all 16.8 million RGB colors. Originally, lighting options were limited to 7 preset profiles. Based on user feedback, the manufacturer has released a software tool one year after introduction of the keyboard. This XPG PRIME application allows, among other things, full customization of RGB lighting. Similarly, macro combinations could initially only be defined via shortcuts on the keyboard, but XPG PRIME now allows complex shortcuts to be set.


The XPG SUMMONER offers great flexibility with regard to its key switches. Depending on your preferences, ambitious gamers can choose between the linear CHERRY MX RGB RED or SPEED SILVER, while frequent typists looking for auditory feedback can go for MX RGB BLUE. Our review model works with MX RGB SPEED SILVER and is therefore ideally suited for highly responsive FPS games. This is because the linear switching characteristic triggers after a particularly short pre-travel of 1.2 millimeters, thus minimizing delays when the button is pressed. The actuating force of 45 centinewtons is also light and designed for rapid activation. Combined, this allows even the most ambitious gamers to develop their maximum potential.


At the time of release, the XPG SUMMONER was a good, albeit limited, gaming keyboard. Due to the remarkable follow-up delivery of software support, the manufacturer eradicated the main points of criticism almost a year later. The comfortable ergonomics with a magnetic palm rest, high gaming performance due to CHERRY MX switches, full macro functionality and dedicated keycaps remain. The combination of an intuitive volume roller and USB pass-through port rounds off the XPG SUMMONER, resulting in an attractive overall package for demanding gamers at a reduced price of around 100 euros.

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