TT Esports Meka Pro [Presentation]

With the Meka Pro, Tt eSports offers a keyboard dedicated to gaming enthusiasts. For this model, the Taiwanese brand Thermaltake relies on a simple design, which incorporates a multitude of professional features. For instance, the Meka Pro is based on CHERRY MX switches to achieve the most precise and accurate typing experience. Since this is an input device specifically designed for the eSports market, it also features backlighting of each individual key. Controlling the illumination effects in this case does not require any additional software. The same is true for the assignment of macro keys. In this article, you’ll read what more the Tt eSports Meka Pro has to offer.

Features at a glance

  • Keyboard layout: Standard
  • Key switches: CHERRY MX Blue (optionally CHERRY MX Brown and CHERRY MX Red)
  • Backlighting: Single color (red)
  • Macro keys: Six double-assigned number block keys
  • Sampling rate: Up to one millisecond
  • Matrix: 100% anti-ghosting with 6-key or N-key rollover
  • Software and built-in memory: Not available / 256 bit
  • Media buttons: Seven multimedia hot keys
  • Wrist rest: Not available
  • Dimensions: 439,8 mm x 132,6 mm x 36 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg 

Tt eSports Meka Pro in detail

The Meka Pro features a sturdy plastic chassis. While this choice of material initially does not suggest it, at 1.2 kilograms and with five rubber feet at the bottom the keyboard has a solid stand on the desk. The all black design chosen by Tt eSports can almost be described as minimalistic. In use, however, the red illumination of the individual keys highlight the keyboard.


Although the Meka Pro is a very compact high-end keyboard at 440 x 133 x 36 millimeters, Tt eSports integrates some features that are usually only found in much larger devices. This is mainly achieved by a very narrow frame around the 104 mechanical keys in standard layout.

Additionally, Tt eSports uses hot keys for multimedia controls and some other functions, such as the lighting effects. For this purpose, the entire top row, with the exception of Escape, the arrow keys plus the six buttons above them, and Num Lock are assigned to secondary commands. To activate the individual hot keys the FN key is used.

Ultimately, even the traditionally untapped area above the number block is used for an unobtrusive logo, four small status indicator LEDs, and the only dedicated function key of the Meka Pro.


This button in the upper right corner is a fundamental element of the clever macro integration in the Meka Pro. Gamers can use the keys one to six from the number block to store a total of six individual input combinations. Tt eSports calls it the ‘On-The-Fly Macro Record’, because a powerful onboard memory chip allows to start recording macros by simply pressing the aforementioned MK function key. You can access the macros afterwards once more via hot key.

In addition to macro keys, nine red key caps included in the package will help to provide better performance in PC games. The essential WASD area, the arrow keys and Escape can thus be identified at a glance even in dark environments and at full illumination of all individual keys. Exchanging these caps is easy with the tool included with the Tt eSports Meka Pro.

CHERRY MX Blue, Red or Brown

Underneath the key caps the Meka Pro features mechanical CHERRY MX switches. Depending on your preference, the device is available with MX Blue, MX Red or MX Brown. The blue switches are particularly popular with typists. They actuate at a relatively high operating force of 60 centinewton (or grams) and after 2.2 millimetres pre-travel. The tactile switching point is accentuated with an audible click.


MX Brown are perfectly suited for noise sensitive scenarios where the acoustic feedback of the MX Blue is undesirable. These switches also have a tactile and thus detectable actuation point, but without the classic “click”. They require 55 centinewton and two millimetres of pre-travel to the actuation point. Besides office users, who appreciate the tactile feedback, but need a quieter switch, the brown CHERRY switches are a great option for gamers, who also have to type a lot.


Should you plan on using the Tt eSports Meka Pro mainly for PC games, you cannot go wrong with MX Red. Thanks to a linear switch characteristic and a relatively low spring resistance, rapid response is guaranteed. The gentle triggering requires only 45 centinewton and two millimetres pre-travel. This is why the MX Red are particularly suitable for gamers.

You can find more information about the different features of the CHERRY MX switches on our product page, as well as in the appropriate blog post.

Lighting effects, lighting zones and no dedicated software

No matter what variant of switch you select, a red LED is integrated into the housing of the modules. The Meka Pro is able to illuminate all or only individual keys for different lighting effects, such as wave or pulse. If needed the backlighting can also be switched off entirely.

Another interesting feature are the four pre-configured so-called ‘Game Genre Lighting Zone Illuminations’, which make only specific key areas light up, that are particularly relevant for a certain types of PC games. For example, the Meka Pro can thus be fine-tuned for FPS or MMO gamers.

A feature that affects many aspects of the keyboard is the abandonment of dedicated software. For example, the use of hot keys and the on-the-fly macro record does not only affect the Meka Pro’s dimensions positively, it also enables the access to all important settings and even allows the definition of macros without any program on the computer. Even specific details like changing between 6-key and N-key rollover are managed via hot keys directly on the keyboard.


With the Meka Pro, Tt eSports offers a space-saving high-end keyboard. A clever integration of numerous functions, which traditionally lead to considerably higher dimensions with comparable models, results in a compact design, while the weight ensures a solid stand on the table. The use of high-quality CHERRY MX switches is the ideal basis for maximum performance and high reliability of the keyboard. In addition to the MX Blue variant shown here, the Meka Pro is available with red and brown switches. Thus, you ultimately choose the optimal configuration for your requirements.

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