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Hardware giant HP expands its OMEN gaming lineup with the Spacer, a wireless TKL keyboard. With its distinctive OMEN look, this CHERRY MX BROWN keyboard is a reliable alternative for both gamers and frequent typists. The final touches are features like a magnetically attached palm rest as well as specific lighting modes for FPS or MOBA games. We present all that and more in this blog post.


  • Keyboard Layout: 80%
  • Switch Type: CHERRY MX BROWN
  • LED Color: White & red LEDs
  • Makro Keys: All keys
  • Matrix: N-Key-Rollover
  • Software: OMEN Command Center
  • Integrated Memory: No
  • Media Keys: Fn-shortcuts
  • Palm Rest: Magnetically removable
  • Dimensions: 36,9 x 13,9 x 3,6 cm (Palm rest: 36,8 x 10,4 x 1,8 cm)
  • Weight: 960 grams (Palm rest: 257 grams)


With the OMEN Spacer, HP consistently pushes the focus of its new gaming lineup on wireless peripherals. Together with a headset and a mouse in the same design language, this keyboard stands out with its compact TKL layout. The gaming appeal is emphasized by the color-coded WASD and arrow keys, while a magnetically attached palm rest ensures strain-free gaming even during longer games. Thanks to MX BROWN switches, the keyboard strikes the right balance between fast gaming and reliable typing.


Since the numeric keypad is rarely used in gaming, the OMEN Spacer does away with it and gives the mouse more room to move. The free-standing buttons are ergonomically angled by slightly inclined key caps. A magnetically attached palm rest provides comfortable relief for longer gaming sessions. Externally, the Spacer particularly stands out with its angular font in OMEN style. But the red illuminated WASD and arrow keys also set clever accents.


The OMEN Spacer delivers the kind of freedom that only wireless keyboards can offer. Combined with a compact form factor, this allows FPS enthusiasts in particular to make sweeping but all the more precise movements with a low mouse sensitivity. Battery life is claimed to be 75 hours in wireless mode, with as little as 5 minutes of charging providing up to 6 hours of gameplay. The charging process takes place via a detachable USB-C cable, with a dedicated LED showing the respective charge level in rough increments. The keyboard can also be connected directly to the computer via the USB-C cable. If things get hectic during gaming, the Spacer reads an unlimited number of keys simultaneously without errors thanks to N-key Rollover and 100% Anti-Ghosting.


Under the matte black keycaps of the OMEN Spacer, particularly bright LEDs provide white illumination. The WASD and arrow keys, which are essential for gaming, stand out with their red LEDs. In addition, optional lighting effects such as Wave or Ripple can be set in the corresponding OMEN Command Center software. Depending on the application, you can also switch between preset lighting profiles that only illuminate the relevant keys and deactivate the rest of the LEDs for MOBA or FPS games, for example. Finally, the software also offers macro configuration options.


The OMEN Spacer is exclusively available with CHERRY MX BROWN switches. These are characterized by their tactile switching characteristic, whereby you feel a slight resistance shortly before actuation at 2.0 millimeters. Typing errors and unintentional triggering are thus efficiently prevented. The stronger actuation force of 55 centinewton also contributes to this. Thanks to their reliable and strategic actuations, MX BROWN switches are equally suitable for gaming as well as for writing longer texts. After all, they guarantee at least 100 million keystrokes without quality loss.


With tactile MX BROWN switches in a TKL layout and wireless connectivity, the HP OMEN Spacer has the potential to carve out a niche all its own. The magnetic palm rest, along with the gaming-oriented lighting, appeals to the magic balance between gamers and frequent typists. At an MSRP of €131 the OMEN Spacer is no bargain, but it fits seamlessly into the design language of the rest of the OMEN lineup.

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