Cherry MX switches are now sold separately in retail stores. The online shop is taking care of distribution to end customers. Making individual switches available to users has been a long-standing wish of the community, which in turn opens up new possibilities for unique keyboard designs.

MX switch for individualists and enthusiasts

By making MX switches available for retail sales, CHERRY responds to an ever-increasing demand of the community. Until now, individualists and enthusiasts who were looking to assemble keyboards according to their personal desires and standards have only been able to acquire high-quality MX switches through indirect channels. Now the entire MX model range is available at an official German retail channel: with Reichelt Elektronik, CHERRY has found a reliable partner with the necessary infrastructure for the distribution of individual switches. The successful online shop for technology and electronics offers Cherry MX switches at a fair price of 60 cents per piece.

Available variants will be selling the conventional MX Red, MX Blue, MX Brown, MX Black, MX Speed Silver and MX Silent switches, as well as the rare and much sought-after MX Green and MX Clear variants.

CHERRY MX Red at Reichelt [Link,]

CHERRY MX Silent Red at Reichelt [Link,]

CHERRY MX Black at Reichelt [Link,]

CHERRY MX Silent Black at Reichelt [Link,]

CHERRY MX Brown at Reichelt [Link,]

CHERRY MX Blue at Reichelt [Link,]

CHERRY MX Speed Silver at Reichelt [Link,]

CHERRY MX Green at Reichelt [Link,]

CHERRY MX Clear at Reichelt [Link,]

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