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With the SUMMONER, XPG (a subsidiary brand of ADATA, specializing in gaming hardware) has delivered a versatile gaming keyboard with a number of premium features in the mid-range price range. Aesthetically, the magnetic palm rest and the volume control immediately stand out. But the keyboard also boasts attractive internal features, like USB pass-through and CHERRY MX switches. In this blog post, we'll show you what features this mechanical keyboard has to offer.

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Mistel might not be a well-known brand in the mechanical keyboard landscape, but their products are extremely unique and innovative. That’s also the case for the Barocco MD770 RGB, a compact tenkeyless keyboard that can be split in two parts for better ergonomics. The keyboard is built around CHERRY MX switches for reliable input and a variety of different switch characteristics, depending on the MX switch selected. Mistel offers the MD770 RGB in four variants of the popular switches, including the popular Silent Red. In this blog post we’ll talk about the design and features of the keyboard as well as the different MX characteristics you can choose from.

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The K100 RGB is the new flagship keyboard of the well-known hardware and peripheral manufacturer CORSAIR. The model builds on the strengths of its popular predecessor and features a special iCUE control wheel, a magnetic palm rest and a polling rate of 4,000Hz. In this blog post, we will show you what other special features the manufacturer has included.

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