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CHERRY MX Update: more than 100 million actuations and a bounce time of less than one millisecond

CHERRY is continuously improving and optimising its MX switches. One of these developments is a significantly longer service life: new CHERRY MX switches achieve far more than 100 million actuations without loss of quality. The bounce time has also been massively reduced. With these improved specifications, CHERRY MX continues to position itself as the undisputed market leader.
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The HP OMEN Encoder is a versatile mechanical gaming keyboard which offers comprehensive configuration options in its OMEN Command Center software. This solidly built keyboard is available in two different versions: with CHERRY MX BROWN or CHERRY MX RED switches, for either linear or tactile switching characteristics. In this blog article we will shed light on the special features of the OMEN Encoder that improve your every day gaming sessions.

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Mountain Everest: The most innovative and customizable keyboard to achieve peak performance

Available for pre-order today, Everest is a fully customizable, mechanical gaming keyboard that is a revolution in choice. Brought to you by Mountain, Everest can be pre-ordered here, from 95€ ($90 / £85 – depending on exchange rate). The Everest keyboard is available as the Core Version in TKL format and MAX version featuring the removable numpad and media dock.

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