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Cooler Master explains Aimpad technology @ CES 2019

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Kevin Piangenti from Cooler Master showed us their upcoming gaming keyboard MK850 which features CHERRY MX switches and Aimpad technology. This gives mechanical keyboards the precision control normally found in devices such as gaming controllers, steering wheels, and aviation joysticks. Watch the video to experience what that means for gaming!
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Asus @ CES 2019

We met with ASUS during CES 2019 and got introduced to their new gaming keyboard ROG Strix CTRL RGB. It offers a more compact design compared to the previous keyboards as well as an aluminum frame. The CRTL will be available with CHERRY MX RGB Red or Brown switches, because ASUS is only "using the best of the best" for their ROG keyboards.
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