HyperX Alloy Elite RGB: Presented at CES 2018

HyperX unveiled their first gaming keyboard with our CHERRY MX RGB switches at CES 2018: The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB. Marcus Hermann, Senior Business Manager at HyperX, also explained why they rely only on our MX switches: In his opinion the number one decision-making point for a gamer is the switch inside a keyboard. And for HyperX the quality of CHERRY products is perfect!
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Corsair’s product portfolio now contains numerous keyboards built with CHERRY MX switches. One such model is the K68, which comes with IP32 splash protection – a feature that very few keyboards have. The IP32 certification protects users and gamers from accidental spills during hectic gaming sessions or everyday use. 
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Keyboard Partners about CHERRY MX [CES 2018]

During CES 2018 we asked our friends from Corsair, HyperX, Cooler Master, and MSI why they rely on our CHERRY MX keyswitch technology for their gaming keyboards. Learn in this video what they responded.
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