The perfect gaming keyboard

For gamers, a keyboard must be robust, precise, and reliable. And depending on the game, the keyboard must have additional features or functionality to make playing more comfortable -- or even give you an advantage over the enemy. There are numerous manufacturers and models on the market, which is why this article will tell you everything about the perfect gaming keyboard.

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TT Esports Meka Pro [Presentation]

With the Meka Pro, Tt eSports offers a keyboard dedicated to gaming enthusiasts. For this model, the Taiwanese brand Thermaltake relies on a simple design, which incorporates a multitude of professional features. For instance, the Meka Pro is based on CHERRY MX switches to achieve the most precise and accurate typing experience. Since this is an input device specifically designed for the eSports market, it also features backlighting of each individual key. Controlling the illumination effects in this case does not require any additional software. The same is true for the assignment of macro keys. In this article, you’ll read what more the Tt eSports Meka Pro has to offer.

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CHERRY MX at Gamescom 2017

CHERRY MX was rocking Europe’s largest gaming fair through its integration in many keyboards originating from well-known Tier A manufacturers. Our partners were at Gamescom to showcase their latest creations and give visitors a taste of their products through the peripherals equipping various gaming stations with one goal: the best gaming experience.

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The best mechanical gaming keyboards with CHERRY MX switches

In this blog post we give an overview of the best mechanical gaming keyboards of well-known manufacturers that rely on our CHERRY MX switches.

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