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CHERRY MX @ gamescom 2017 - Aftermovie!

gamescom 2017 is over and was again the highlight for all gamers! We went to the fair for you and looked around at our partners. Corsair, HyperX, Cooler Master, ASUS and AORUS explain why they use our premium MX switches in their own keyboards. Of course, there are also a few cosplayers and games to watch. Take a look at the aftermovie!

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Cherry MX switches are now sold separately in retail stores. The online shop is taking care of distribution to end customers. Making individual switches available to users has been a long-standing wish of the community, which in turn opens up new possibilities for unique keyboard designs.

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The K95 RGB Platinum is Corsair's flagship keyboard with an extensive feature set. In order to achieve the highest possible quality, the keyboard uses CHERRY MX switches. Another highlight of the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is the RGB lighting, which can be individually configured via software. Thanks to a transparent switch housing with integrated lens, every key can show any of the 16.7 million colors of the RGB spectrum. In this article you’ll read what more the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum has to offer.

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"Switches", "keys", "mechanical" – anyone who has been recently looking for a new keyboard is likely to have encountered at least one of these three terms. Behind these words hide a unique key technology for PC keyboards, which allows a more reliable, precise, and durable input.
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